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In the Autumn of 1987, a group of railway enthusiasts began meeting to watch steam railway videos. Quite a novelty at the time. As the group expanded, talk of model railways between some of the group lead to the decision to form a club. One member’s parents were stewards of Woodside Social Club and a room above the bar was rented and early in 1988 the club was formed.


Three years later and a change of management at Woodside saw us evicted. A room was quickly found at the Railway Tavern, Langley Mill. Unfortunately lightning struck twice and after just three years, the landlord retired and the club found itself evicted for a second time.

A period of homelessness followed with club items and baseboards being stored in member’s homes. Meetings continued to take place at the Crown Inn, Heanor but no modelling took place during this period.


A lifeline came when Heanor Miners Welfare Club offered to build a club room on their premises. In 1997 we moved into this clubhouse and it remains our home to date.


The club, like many others, has seen members come and go. Four original members remain, one recently returning to the fold. Our current membership is fourteen. In 2002, the club held its 1st show, which was a resounding success. The club has held one ever since in February and 2023 celebrates over thirty six years of club success. The club has produced several layouts including the legendary Cedar Park. (Can be seen through our gallery page).



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